Welcome to my website! Here, it’s all about handmade knives.

Steel, wood, leather and all sorts of different materials come together and form classic scandinavian puukko knives with a unique twist. Individually designed and carefully crafted.

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Diverse Materials.

Tree bark, leather, stabilized wood, colorful epoxy. There is a a long list of materials which can be used to create a beautiful and sturdy puukko knife.

Traditional Construction.

In a classic puukko knife, the tang goes all the way from the bolster through the grip to the end-cap. Tightly fitted and securely glued this construction is both elegant and durable.

Individual Sheaths.

Every sheath is handcrafted – just like the knife it belongs to. The sheaths are mostly made from leather but less traditional materials like Kydex or Holstex are used as well.